Die "Munterley" ... mehr als nur Fels!

Dec 13, 2023


The Munterley - more than just a rock...!

"...Life on the Plumb": habitat dolomite rock, plant and animal communities in the steep face.
"...The Dolomites": Not only in Tyrol ... but why also here in the Eifel? Hubi Hummel pursued this question.
"...High up with a view down": To the most beautiful vantage points around the Munterley Plateau.
"...Where the earth sinks": What is a sinkhole? The formation of the Munterley sinkholes using examples from around the world.
"...Wishing Cross in the Forest": Experience Gerolstein customs, where wishes set in stone come true.
"...Living in the reef": The beech hole. Origin, settlement, plants in the area of the cave entrance.
"...Where stones once hailed": On the edge of the Hagelskaul, the oldest volcano on the Ley.
"...Heigeliebter Lebensraum": Papenkaul volcanic crater, a young volcano of a special kind.
"...Caiva Dea, Temple of the Matrons": Visit to the Gallo-Roman temple ruins on the Ley optional).
"...Special highlight": The tour is in poetic verse throughout.

A hand-signed folder with all the author's lectures can be purchased at the end of the tour.
Distance approx. 5 km; sure-footed, sturdy shoes required!

Info/ registration (required): Hubertus M. Arendt - "Hubi Hummel", Tel.: 06591/ 8290016, Mobile: 0178 6816366, Email: hubihummel@gmx.de
Price: from 16 years 10,00 €, family price: 2 adults + 1 child (from 10 years) 20,00 €, each additional child 3,00 €.
Groups on request!
Meeting point:
Digoinstraße - junction with Albertinumweg, 54568 Gerolstein

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  • Only at December 13, 2023
    At 11:00


Digoinstraße 1
54568 Gerolstein


Hubertus M. Arendt
Bahnhofstraße 4
54568 Gerolstein
Phone: +49 6591 8290016

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