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The Hillesheim Crime Trail

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Crime scene Hillesheim - Become an investigator yourself!

"On a Tuesday morning, the investigation centre receives a missing persons report from Hillesheim. Simon Kneer is missing from his girlfriend. They had last seen each other on Monday morning and then both left for work. Simon Kneer works at a secondary school in Hillesheim. That morning, the secretary's office contacted Caro Mogge to find out where her boyfriend had gone. He had never arrived at school. When there was still no sign of him the next morning, Caro Mogge became really anxious and picked up the phone full of worry."

From now on, this is a case for crime thriller fans to solve. However, in order to start the investigation, you will of course need some auxiliary materials. So you need the so-called case file. This can be purchased both on the website and at the Hillesheim Tourist Information Centre for a price of €30.00 per group of 5 people.

After purchasing the case file, guests can slip into the role of the detectives themselves and set off in search of clues. The file contains the evidence found and a list of profiles of the suspects. You will also receive a map with the marked crime scene and the various locations to be visited during the investigation. In addition to the case file, you will also need another small tool, one that is not necessary in this day and age.

For each of the locations, the detectives are asked a question relating to the case and the suspects. The answer to this question can only be found at the locations themselves. The guests must therefore actively move through the location to reach their destination. The solution word is sent by SMS to the so-called investigation centre. If it is correct, you will receive further important clues to the case. Once you have reached all the points, solved all the puzzles and collected all the clues, you can then convict the perpetrator and test how good the group's sleuthing skills really are.

The Crime Trail is therefore an entertaining programme not only for tourists, but also for locals and residents from neighbouring towns, and also a completely unique and special way to get to know the crime capital in a new way.

Contact for booking enquiries:

Hillesheim Tourist Information Centre
Am Markt 1 | 54576 Hillesheim
Tel.: 06591 13 3200

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The crime trail can be played at any time after purchasing the case file. The case file is available in German and Dutch!

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  • Bookable from January 1, 2024 to December 31, 2024

Provider contact:

  • Touristinformation Hillesheim
    Am Markt 1
    54576 Hillesheim
    Phone: (0049) 6591 13 3300


30,00 € per group up to 5 persons


Am Markt 1
54576 Hillesheim

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from 30.00 €

  • Bookable from January 1, 2024 to December 31, 2024

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