Crime Land Eifel & Crime Capital Hillesheim

With the first Eifel crime novels by Jacques Berndorf, a whole new audience suddenly appeared around Hillesheim, namely in Berndorf: enthusiastic crime fans! With the declarations of love for the Eifel, which the popular crime book author repeatedly incorporated into his stories in an absolutely authentic way, more and more curious fans of the Eifel crime novels came to the original crime locations - Crime Land Eifel was born! Today, numerous, original institutions, events and programmes have established themselves around Hillesheim, the crime capital, and bring crime fans from all over the German-speaking world into raptures. All crime-related dates, information and news can be found at

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Tourist-Information Hillesheim

Am Markt 1
54576 Hillesheim
Phone: 0049 6591 13 3300

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