Vulkanwand Steffeln, © Eifel Tourismus GmbH, Dominik Ketz


Volcanic craters, maars, springs and dreese. Here you will find the volcanic highlights of the holiday region!

Volcanism in the Eifel began around 45 million years ago. Meanwhile, there were two major volcanic phases:

The first took place in the Tertiary period between 45-35 million years ago and was spatially concentrated in the area of the Hocheifel volcanic field (between Ulmen and Adenau).

The second phase is still very young and began about one million years ago and lasted until about 10,000 years before today. During this period, three spatially and temporally distinct volcanic fields were formed in the Eifel: the Tertiary High Eifel volcanic field and the Quaternary volcanic fields in the East and West Eifel.

About 45 million years ago, the first volcanoes erupted in the Eifel due to the strong expansion of the earth's crust as part of the formation of the Alps. Over 400 Tertiary volcanoes have been identified in the High Eifel volcanic field. For example, the Arensberg volcano near Walsdorf is evidence of this phase.

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