Arensberg (Arnulphusberg)


In the heart of the Volcanic Eifel lies what is probably the most complete volcano in Germany, the Rockeskyller Kopf. No other volcano shows all stages of its development so open-heartedly.

To the west of the village of Rockeskyll lies a geotope of special dimensions and category, a volcanic complex from the Quaternary period. The latter began about 1.8 million years ago and continues to this day. The volcanic buildings and volcanic deposits can be seen like in a picture book. You can lay your hands on cooled lava and cinder ash layers, see the crater rim and understand how activity moved from one vent to another.

Come with us to this mysterious and instructive volcanic mountain, with its volcanic crater, the basalt quarry, which was settled and worshipped by mammoth hunters, Celts and Romans ages ago. Admire the prominent mountain nose from the panoramic view, which shows the anatomy of an Eifel ash and cinder volcano. On the way you will find information boards explaining many processes in more detail. In addition to the volcanic past, the circular trail offers views of the Kasselburg and the Kyll valley.

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The hiking area around the Rockeskyller Kopf is freely accessible all year round. The Rockeskyller Kopf is best viewed from here.




Vulkan Rockeskyller Kopf
54570 Rockeskyll

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