Stones exert a magical attraction on children. They glitter, have a different consistency depending on the type of rock, and with a hammer and brush, true treasures can be unearthed. To satisfy the exploratory urge of the rock detectives, the Tourist Information Gerolsteiner Land sells geo-bags with hammer, goggles and brush for a price of 9,50 €/backpack. Ideal for families with children who love stones. On the Geoacker, the four main rock types of the Volcanic Eifel: basalt, limestone, mottled sandstone and dolomite have been gathered from active quarries in the region to offer children an opportunity here to learn about the different rocks to their heart's content by hammering, crumbling and/or breaking them apart.

Special rock detective courses are offered during the vacations of Rhineland-Palatinate and NRW: The meeting point is the Natural History Museum in Gerolstein. There, a trained Geopark guide shows and explains to the young geologists the three main types of rock - basalt, dolomite and limestone - and explains which minerals can be found in them. Then the rock detectives - they should have a small backpack with water and provisions, field book and pencil, small hammer and protective goggles - set off with their "chief geologist" on an expedition into the world of rocks and volcanoes. The path leads across the Kyll River and the Gerolstein Dolomites to the "Geoacker". There, the children dive into the world of stones and find, examine and determine the main rock types and minerals.



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