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Virtual revival of the Vulkaneifel

Experience the formation of the Volcanic Eifel at first hand with the new app "Vulkaneifel virtually revived"!

The "Vulkaneifel virtually revived" project

The project "Vulkaneifel virtually revived" was planned from 2019 to 2021.

The topic of volcanism is a unique feature, especially for the area of the Volcanic Eifel. The characteristics of Quaternary Eifel volcanism with maars, dry maars and volcanic mountains are the special sights of the region. In addition, there are numerous mineral springs, the last remnants of Eifel volcanism, with their CO2 emissions.

In order to bundle valuable sights and make them digitally experienceable, the app "Virtually enliven the Volcanic Eifel" was developed.

The following topics can be discovered:

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Journey of discovery with the "Vulkaneifel virtually enlivened" app

The stations can be visited individually or combined into different tours. The first time you start, you will receive a detailed introduction to the app. In addition to various information texts, the spectacular animations offer an insight into the past and the development of the various volcanic highlights.

The app is now available in all App and Play Stores. Click here to go directly to the app:

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