Nature and Geopark Vulkaneifel brochures

If you are interested in the entire Volcanic Eifel and its highlight such as the Maare, Dreese and the Volcanic Road, you will find some brochures and flyers here!

A warm welcome to the Volcanic Eifel Nature Park and UNESCO Global Geopark, the land of maars and volcanoes, a low mountain range landscape in the heart of Europe. Between Bad Bertrich near the Moselle and Ormont on the Belgian border stretches an extraordinary and exciting part of the earth's surface. The "adventure of volcanism" is taking shape here, attracting guests as well as scientists from all over the world.

In order to be well informed about the geological highlights, you will find enclosed various brochures on the Maars, Dreesen and the Vukan Strait!

mehr lesen pdf: Die Maare der Vulkaneifel - DEpdf: De Maaren van de Vulkaaneifel - NLpdf: The maars of the Vulkaneifel - ENpdf: Dreese und Mineralwasserquellen - DEpdf: Highlights entlang der deutschen Vulkanstraße - DEpdf: Highlights langs de Duitse Vulkaanroute - NLpdf: Highlights along the German Volcano Road - ENpdf: Vulkaneifelmagazin- DEpdf: Vulkaneifel magazine - NLpdf: Vulkaneifel Magazine - ENpdf: Orchideen der Vulkaneifel

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