Crime scene Hillesheim - Become an investigator

The crime capital Hillesheim expands its offer

After the crime trail opened in 2020, there is now a new puzzle tour for families, clubs and schools in cooperation with MyCityHighlight Europe GmbH from Whitsun 2023: the detective trail.

Download the treasure map, solve the riddles, calculate the code and secure your instant prize - while doing so, treasure hunters will learn a lot of interesting facts about the region and the small town of Hillesheim.

The treasure hunt begins centrally at the Hillesheim Tourist Information Centre, where participants solve the first riddle. Afterwards, they have to follow the described tracks and directions. The detectives will repeatedly pass puzzle posts where further riddles are waiting to be solved by various clues at this location. A start is possible at any time and without advance notice, so the Detective Trail is also suitable for spontaneous sleuths.

At the end of the route, a treasure chest awaits in the bookshop Lesezeichen. Once there, the detectives calculate a solution code, which consists of the solutions to the individual puzzles. If the code is correct, the treasure chest can be opened and the detectives can choose an instant prize. The prize is available at the bookshop Lesezeichen (Am Markt 7) Monday - Friday from 10 am - 1 pm and 2 pm - 6 pm and Saturday from 10 am - 1 pm.

The detective trail can be completed with the help of a printed treasure map, which young detectives can purchase on site at the Hillesheim Tourist Information Office from Whitsun for the introductory price of € 5 per participant.

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