Where does our water come from?

The water of our earth ultimately originates from volcanic activity, which brought water vapour and other gases to the earth's surface in addition to lava. The rivers and oceans were formed from the condensed water vapour of the primordial atmosphere.

Solid minerals from the depths of the earth also bring water up with them. The dark mica phlogopite, for example, which is frequently ejected during eruptions in the volcanic Eifel, consists of about 4% water. And gypsum, which is only formed in the earth's crust, even contains an incredible 20% by weight of water bound in the crystal. By the way, these wondrous crystals are exhibited in the Gerolstein Natural History Museum.

Water is a very special substance: without water there is no life on planet Earth, clean water is the very basis of human life! It is therefore particularly important that our surface water and groundwater are protected from contamination!

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