Eröffnung Willi Basalt

Everywhere I go, there's lots of fun for families with kids

At family-friendly excursion destinations, our lovable Willi Basalt welcomes you life-size

With Willi Basalt through Gerolsteiner Land

The likeable cartoon character is the size of a man wherever Gerolsteiner Land has something very special to offer children. In future, there will be a total of 13 Willi Basalt figures scattered throughout the holiday region - 5 of which can already be marvelled at:

* at the Kasselburg Pelm
* also at the playground in Pelm
* at the Adventure Minigolf in Berlingen
* in front of the caves in Hohenfels-Essingen
* at the Bielenhof Alm in Birgel
* starting point of the barefoot path at the pavilion
* at the Gerolstein spa gardens.

The small information board next to the figure lists all the current locations with Willi Basalt.  There is also a QR code that can be used to call up a short film. Willi Basalt presents the Gerolsteiner Land in a child-friendly way and gives tips on what to do here. Families with children are guaranteed not to run out of ideas for an interesting and varied holiday.

Come and visit our Willi!

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