Around Nohn: water, vastness, and incense


The varied hiking trail leads through meandering stream valleys, past the Nürburgblick and offers quiet moments at the Heyerberg Chapel.

The starting point in Nohn is the community centre in Schulstaße. From here, the trail leads us in a northerly direction out of the village.

We follow the trail marker. Afterwards, we walk parallel along the Nohner Bach stream through the beautiful, romantic landscape. This winds and meanders through the valley and all you hear is the babbling of the brook, the rustling of the trees and the singing of the birds. After crossing the stream, the climb begins up to the Nürburgblick. From here, the ruins of Nürburg Castle, about 12 km away, can be clearly seen. In 1689, the castle was destroyed by the French and is now only in ruins. A little later we come across the Heyerberg chapel, named after the lords of Heyer. The first chapel was built around 1600 and the members of the von Heyer family were buried there. In 1805, the chapel and cemetery were officially closed, and in 1823 the chapel was demolished and the cemetery levelled.Construction of a new chapel on Heyerberg began in 1874; it was completed in 1875. In addition, 14 Stations of the Cross were erected along the path to the chapel and on the forecourt. We cross the K86 district road again and follow the trail markings that lead us through the Hayerbusch to the Ahbach stream. We now follow the Ahbach in a north-westerly direction and arrive at the Nohner Mühle, which invites us to take a break with coffee and cake.

From here it is also worth making a detour to the nearby Dreimühlen waterfall.

But if you prefer to return to the starting point, you can set off from here on the last stage of the hike, which takes us back up to the village of Nohn to the starting point.

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Marking of the tour:

  • Wasser, Weiten, Weihrauch
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Kirche, Kirchstraße, 54578 Nohn


Kirche, Kirchstraße, 54578 Nohn

Distance: 11.4 km

Duration: 3:5 h

Difficulty: medium

Ascent: 192 m

Descent: 192 m

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54576 Hillesheim
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