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1.5 km south of Ormont is the Bragphenn. A highmoor where you can find rare plants such as cotton grass, arnica, small cranberry, Atlantic bog heather, marsh cinquefoil, sundew and even orchids. A destination for a walk through a beautiful gem of nature.

550 m above sea level

Size about 5 ha

Age can not be determined exactly, at least 7,000 years, possibly older

The Bragphenn, located south of Ormont, is a saddle-rain moor where the sensitive wet sections can be committed via a jetty. In former times, peat was mined there. The Bragphenn is one of the many unspoilt natural features of the region.

Numerous rare and interesting plants thrive in the small moor, from the Atlantic bog heather to the sundew, from the spiny bulrush to the heath spotted orchid. The moor and the meadow landscape are already an experience - but a very special and unusual magic emanates from the small wood, which is in the middle: It is a stock of Carpathian birches, which not only change their color in the course of their lives, but also form strange tortuous trunks. It is like as if they had no desire to grow in a straight way in the air.

Little was known about the ecological significance of moors in the Eifel in the past. The visitor can learn a lot about this on a short hike to this beautiful spot of the Eifel.

Location: On the road between Ormont and Neuendorf

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