Icorigium - ehemaliges römisches Kastell


The flourishing street settlement of Icorigium with shops, taverns and hostels developed early on at the Kyll crossing of the Roman road from Trier to Cologne. The buildings faced the street with their narrow sides, and the pavements to the right and left were covered arcades.

Destroyed by the Germanic tribes, Icorigium was secured by an imposing fort under Emperor Constantine, comparable to Bitburg and Neumagen. Today's street "Am Römerwall" follows the former course of the Roman fort wall.

It is best to visit the old Roman road afterwards. In the nearby Dahlem Forest, it is still clearly visible as an approximately 2.5 m high embankment with a width of 7-10 m. There is a small plaza area with a seating area, access via a plank footbridge and a large information board. To get there, drive from Jünkerath to neighbouring Esch, turn into Dahlemer Straße and follow the road for about 1.5 km.

A stop on the Roman roads

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Icorigium - ehemaliges römisches Kastell
54584 Jünkerath
Phone: +49 06591 133200

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