Allow me - my name is Willi Basalt

Who exactly is Willi Basalt? You can find all the information about Willi here! Willi introduces himself personally!


Hey kids, I'm Willi Basalt!

I live in the Gerolsteiner Land in the Volcanic Eifel and would like to show you our volcanic past. You can find me in many places in the Gerolsteiner Land. I am 1.70 m tall and show young families with children what they can do here. I especially take care of the little holiday guests.

Why am I called Willi Basalt? - Basalt is a primary rock of the earth that comes to the surface through volcanoes.

Volcanism is the cause of our beautiful, mountainous and varied landscape. In Gerolsteiner Land you can visit many places that bear witness to the fiery past: the Arensberg volcano, the water-filled Eichholzmaar, dry maars, bubbling springs and the ice and millstone caves.

Numerous castles, adventure playgrounds, animal parks, adventure mini-golf or ziplining, a growing waterfall and many great cycling and hiking trails await you!

I'm also available in a colouring book with a colouring pencil set. Here I present the special features of the Gerolsteiner Land in a way that is suitable for children. And with the Willi Basalt puzzle booklet, you can even win a weekend with the whole family in our beautiful holiday region. And of course I'll be there to show you the Gerolsteiner Land.

Oh yes, I almost forgot: In many restaurants you can now also order the Willi Basalt dish named after me. With delicious croquettes that look like a small volcano and, of course, only healthy ingredients from the region. So, see you around.

I think my homeland is just great - I can experience so much here! I look forward to meeting you soon and showing you around!

You will often find me here in the holiday region. On flyers, colouring books, puzzle books or as a big figure at many sights.
I will accompany you on your holiday!

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