Children's Book "The Mysterious Disappearance of Willi Basalt"

Now available at our three tourist information offices as well as at the bookshop Raabe (Gerolstein) and Lesezeichen (Hillesheim).

In January, the Willi Basalt figure set up at the Pelmer playground was stolen. The media hype afterwards was huge and has now led to a children's book being written about Willi Basalt's disappearance. It was written by the crime writer Andrea Neven, who lives in Kalenborn-Scheuren.

One man's sorrow is another man's joy, thought Frank Reuter, head of Touristik GmbH Gerolsteiner Land, and Kurt Daun, managing director of the Gerolsteiner communications agency konzept92. Both decided to seize the opportunity and to integrate Willi Basalt, who is now known all over Germany, even more intensively into the tourism marketing strategy of Gerolsteiner Land.

The cartoon character, who is particularly popular with children and is increasingly the focus of tourism experts, has meanwhile become the face of the campaign "family-friendly holiday region Gerolsteiner Land". Wherever there are attractive offers for families with children, the cuddly Willi Basalt can be seen in the flesh and cannot be overlooked.

And so the idea was born to publish a children's book about the disappearance of Willi Basalt. The question of who should write the book was also quickly settled. The crime novelist Andrea Neven, who lives in Kalenborn-Scheuern and has already published several successful short stories, did not have to be asked twice and wrote this exciting children's book.

And so the siblings Lina and Karl and their friend Paul now investigate on their own.

Completely without the police and without their parents' knowledge. Of course, the three detectives also live in Pelm, from where they start their exciting investigations.

But until the time comes, the three young detectives have to survive a lot of adventures, all of which take place in authentic places in the Gerolsteiner Land.

The 17-year-old Marilena Schmitz, who is training as a media designer at the Gerolsteiner communications agency konzept92, has drawn suitable illustrations that make the book an exciting read for children from the first year of school.

The book is available for € 8.70 at the bookshops "Raabe" (Gerolstein) and "Lesezeichen" (Hillesheim). It is also available at the tourist information offices in Gerolstein, Hillesheim and Stadtkyll and on our website under brochure order!

105 pages, with drawings by Marilena Schmitz, designed and printed in Gerolstein by konzept92.

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