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Hello, my name is Nadja Blum, I am a trained foreign trade merchant and have been working for the holiday region Gerolsteiner Land since December 2018.

You can meet me at the Hillesheim location, where I work both for the post office branch that is integrated there and at the counter of the tourist information office, where I always help holidaymakers with words and deeds.

I am married and a mother of two children, live in Hillesheim and originally come from Birresborn, so I am a child of the Eifel.

I love to hike through the surrounding area, and I particularly enjoy the waterfall hike from Kerpen via Nohn and Niederehe. But the ice caves of Birresborn are always worth a visit, too. There, a beautiful circular hiking trail and an oversized observation bench invite you to spend a nice day.

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