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Hello everybody,

My name is Yessica Dohmen and I was born in the Netherlands. I trained as a businesswoman for tourism and leisure and I am a qualified tourist and travel guide. I have always been very enthusiastic about the Eifel, so the decision to move to the Eifel was made very quickly.

Since June 2017, I have been responsible for groups/bus tours, counter consultations, Dutch translations, Dutch bus tours, guided tours of the Church of the Redeemer and bookkeeping at the Gerolstein location.

My tip for you: Visit the Volcano Garden in Steffeln and the Eichholzmaar.
The Eichholzmaar is one of the smallest maars in the entire Volcanic Eifel and is located on the country road between Steffeln and Duppach. (hiking trail "Maars & Volcanoes")

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